We compare the generic Viagra prices of more than 40 pharmacies in New York and choose the best for you. We also took into account user reviews and ratings as well as a wide selection of drugs.

  1. https://www.downtownpharmacy.com/
    Rating: 4.4
    Price per generic Viagra pill starts from $2.44
    What customers say:
    – I had a really bad experience at Downtown Pharmacy today. I drove up through the driveway window to pick up my prescription that my doctor had prescribed. And the rude woman told me that I could not have my medication because my insurance company wasn’t going to pay for it. Now I understand how some insurance companies may or may not cover certain medications, but I wasn’t even given an option to purchase out of pocket or an alternative generic brand instead. She just told me that even though my doctor authorized it, she refused to give it to me. When I spoke to the manager that was on duty, he just replied it was just a misunderstanding because I wasn’t feeling well. Really, no, I replied it is not a misunderstanding; it’s just bad customer service on her part. You should be more polite and give your customers an alternative and not assume they don’t have money to pay out of pocket.
    – Headed there for the first time… my pharmacist of 3 years just quit carrying my meds, so I’m on my way to rams to see what happens. Will let the world know when I get there 🙂
  2. https://edmeans.com/
    Rating: 4.2
    Price per generic Viagra pill starts from $1.09
    What customers say:
    – Was not happy with the service.  For a pharmacy near a major hospital, they did not have one of my prescriptions, did not offer much assistance.  The lady seemed to try. But it went nowhere.
    – Staff at ED Means Pharmacy is very knowledgeable about the locations of products, and for the most part, has better prices on generic Viagra service than CVS.
  3. https://www.windsorpharmacy.com/
    Rating: 4.2
    Price per generic Viagra pill starts from $1.78
    What customers say:
    – I get a warm welcome the moment I walk in the door, and they always remember my name, even my dog’s name, when I have a “specially made” prescription to pick up for him too. The number one thing that I love about Windsor Pharmacy is that they really care about their customers.
    – Always polite They have saved me on more than one occasion when my DR prescribed medication I’m not supposed to have. I love this place and more so the people. I would highly recommend them to all.
  4. https://www.newlondonpharmacy.com/
    Rating: 4.8
    Price per generic Viagra pill starts from $3.40
    What customers say:
    – 200% better than the chain supermarket Pharmacy. At New London Pharmacy, you get the personal touch and friendly care every time.
    – Horrible, my mother was given the wrong prescription… mistakes happen I understand that, but when it comes to people’s medicines, more precaution should be taken.